Fusing Architecture with Urban Design.

Better Buildings, Spaces and Places for Everyone.

Hello and welcome to Archi-Scape, we are CIAT Chartered Architectural Practice, providing professional, high-quality architectural and urban design services through our talented and diverse team of designers.

Fusing Architecture and Urban Design‘ is our clear premise, which we all follow in order to achieve our mission of creating ‘Better Buildings, Spaces and Places for Everyone’. For us it is fundamentally important to approach all our projects in a holistic manner, considering the whole picture with a creative and imaginative mindset to maximise the design quality and potential of all our projects.

This is what we do.

We offer a range of design services within our core disciplines of Architecture and Urban Design.


Urban Design



Latest News

The National Self Build & Renovation Show

Looking forward to attending the next show in January and hearing all about some exciting self-build projects.

Barden Lane, Burnley – Approved

Delighted to have assisted Muller PG with this scheme and for it to go through so quickly with very few objections.

Self-Build, Preston – Approved

Delighted to get this self build over the line for planning approval. A big well done and thank you to all involved.

Barrow Brook Business Park – Submitted

Fantastic to see this now submitted, and delighted to have been involved. A proposal which will provide some much needed additional commercial/employment space for Clitheroe. Very much look forward to see this one evolving in the near future.